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The Power Within will put you in the shoes of a man who chased it all: money, power, sex, fame; until the weight of his sin finally caught up with him and left him face-to-face with death, in this riveting debut from Super Lawyer® Todd Kelly.


Do you know
where true
power is?


Crushed by the weight of a major public trial loss and the exposure of his own personal failures, nationally known and acclaimed trial lawyer, L. Todd Kelly, sits captive in a closet with a pistol in his mouth, wondering whether or not his life is even worth living. Deep down, he knows his lust for power, sex, and fame brought him to this day—not to mention the twelve million dollar debt and divorce looming over his head. To escape, he must battle his demons and find the strength to take another breath and choose to live. But will he ever regain his reputation, family’s trust, or any semblance of self-respect? The Power Within explores one man’s journey through sin, marital failure, public loss, and redemption—and will leave you gripped with the inescapable truth about what (or who) true power really is.


Meet L. Todd Kelly


Lawyer by day, author by night, L. Todd Kelly began his practice in the law as a U.S. Marine, achieving the rank of Major. Todd left the Marine Corps to enter private practice in 1998 and eventually opened The Kelly Law Firm, in Houston, Texas.  He took on the famed Jamie Leigh Jones’ sexual assault case against two of the world’s largest private military contractors, Halliburton and Kellogg, Brown & Root. He was featured for that work on 20/20, The Rachel Maddow Show, The New York Times, Wall Street Journal, CNN, NBC, FOX, and was highlighted in the Sundance Film Festival and HBO documentary film, Hot Coffee.


Todd has appeared in front of committees of the U.S. Congress, where he spoke on the Fairness in Arbitration Act. Since then, Todd has been inducted into the Texas Lawyer Hall of Fame following a $17,000,000 verdict and has been interviewed by numerous national news programs, including CBS’ Insider Edition, receiving the honorary title of “Super Lawyer” among other awards.

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What people are saying 

The Power Within is a must-read! It is amazingly raw, authentic and Todd is extremely transparent throughout this book.  I could not put the book down once I started it.  If you have ever felt pain, then this book is for you.  Thirty years ago, I was feeling so much pain that I tried to end my own life after working undercover for the FBI for three long years, wearing a wire every day.  This book will show you that most of us have some dark periods in our life, but that there is HOPE at the end of the journey.  I wish that I had this book available 30 years ago. It would have made a significant difference. I highly recommend Todd Kelly’s book! 

Mark Whitacre, PhD. 

Subject of the movie, The Informant, (Matt Damon played Mark) Executive Director, t-factor, at Coca-Cola Consolidated

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